Card Payment Instructions

To complete a payment by Credit or Debit through our website, please follow the following steps:

  1. Once on the page for the item to pay for, select Add to basket

  3. A banner will appear asking you if you want to go to your basket: to pay, click View Basket

  5. Control the item (or items) you wanted to pay for are listed, then click Proceed to checkout

  7. At checkout, PayPal allows for instant payments. Just click on Proceed to PayPal to pay either by PayPal or by Credit or Debit Cards. Direct bank transfers and Bitcoin payments are also possible, but selecting those two will simply show you our either Bank Account details or Electronic Wallet address. You will then have to settle for the correct amount yourself within 2 hours. If in doubt, just click on Proceed to PayPal and pay with a normal Debit or Credit card.

  9. The next screen will ask you if you want to log in to your PayPal or Pay with Debit or Credit Card

  11. If you use PayPal, this will process the payment for you, alternatively, just insert your card details and click Pay Now

  13. If you have been redirected here by a form (for example if you are a prospective Tenant), then make sure you go back to that form and submit it

  14. Thanks for your custom!