£58.000,00 over two years


You pay us £50,000.00, we give you back £58,000.00: find out why and how.




It is essentially a private unsecured loan to AGAPE Properties Ltd.

How does this work? Simple: you pay us £50,000.00, we inject it into our developments and give you back an 8% interest guaranteed paid monthly.

At the end of a 2 year period you get your £50,000.00 back -and obviously get to keep the £8,000.00 interest.


We are not a bank or a building society and we are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are a for profit organisation developing high-quality properties primarily for the rental market. By purchasing this product you are literally buying yourself the right to a monthly payment of £333.33 and the right to get the initial money paid back in 24 months.

In the event that you did purchase this product, we give you our word that we will send all the relevant documents to you immediately (including a loan note). We will also commit to send the first payment out within a calendar from the day of the purchase. However, we are not necessarily expecting someone to pay us £50,000.00 via PayPal without signing any loan agreement first. This product, although genuine, is meant to be more of a thought provoker: Contact Us to find out more about our investment programmes and see if lending to us can be a suitable investment for yourself.

Also, if you are considering investing (with us or just investing in general), please make sure that you can afford it! Remember that, once you pay money for an investment of any sort, your money is locked into it until the term finishes (although you do enjoy a return in the form of interest).

We don’t want to take anyone’s money without the person being fully conscious of what he or she is doing. Hence, we reserve the right to refund any money given if, after an initial screening, we realised that the person should have not invested that amount of money in the first place.


Q: Is it risky?

A: It’s essentially a private loan to a limited company, so the capital is at risk. On the other hand, we are a company with positive cashflow that invests to produce more cashflow through rental income. We don’t really aim at developing something with the hope of selling it. Furthermore, we have assets in our portfolio worth over a million. We are not going anywhere and we know what we are doing. You are not throwing money at a guru who merely talks about property: you help us fund developments we have already done the maths for. Alternatively, the funds may help us recover some costs from current projects until the day we can refinance under standard mortgage conditions.

Q: Brexit? Market crashes?

A: Money from this particular product is used to cover a portion of the costs in developments for the rental market. We base our calculation on worst-case-scenario figures for properties that will be rented out, not sold: people may be reticent in buying during times of uncertainty, but they have to live somewhere!

Q: What if things go wrong?

A: Short answer: we spend a long time doing the due diligence for each deal we take on, so that things won’t go wrong. Long answer: we have several exit strategies for all of our investments and we are potentially ready for the worst –that is: in case a tremendous crisis hit the markets all of a sudden and no lender on the planet wanted to refinance any of our deals, then we would still be able to repay the initial money over some months using the cashflow from our rental portfolio.

Q: I bought the product, but I changed my mind. Can I get my money back?

A: You will have 2 weeks (14 calendar days) to ask for your money back. By then you would have received all the terms and conditions and the formal agreement. Sign it and return it for the investment to become effective. Tell us you changed your mind and we will refund you. After this there is no going back: you would have officially secured the investment programme.

Q: I don’t have £50,000.00, can I invest less?

A: You could invest less or more. We chose to have this product out here because we know exactly what to do with this amount any day of the year. Don’t forget we guarantee your return, so we must be conscious of what and when we borrow. If you wanted to invest a different amount, please:

Contact Us


We normally deal with investors who just want a return on their money without the hassle of finding and managing it themselves. However, if you are looking for the opposite and want to learn how we do things at AGAPE, please let us know and we will arrange for you to follow us into a real development project. We’ll show you how we have sourced it, we will take you on site if you wanted to, and we will answer any question about it. Again, Contact Us to learn more about this.